c’mon subconscious

Happy Thursday.

Another tearful pregnant moment tonight. Sharaun again expressing her intense searing hatred for our new wood floors. If anything on earth would motivate me to invent a time machine, it would be the chance that I could go back in time and choose a cheaper, more durable laminate over the more expensive, more easily marred, hardwood. A year of the old “I hate this carpet” stuff… that’s what I’d trade for one evening of this hormone-intensified hardwood drama.

But onto things more random and less self-pitying.

Sometimes when I’m in bed at night drifting off to sleep I’ll try and “seed” my dreams. In other words, I’ll spend those last few minutes of my waking day daydreaming about something in an attempt at establishing continuity from my conscious thoughts to the subconscious ones that come unbidden once I’ve submitted to the Sandman. I don’t think I have much success, but it’s hard to tell.

I do know that, for whatever reason, since I was a kid I’ve always thought that the quality of my pre-sleep daydreams can be impacted by how I’m physically laying. That’s right. As a kid I could’ve sworn that laying to one side or the other was more or less conducive to keeping my fantasy thoughts on-theme.

For example, if I was trying to kickstart a sleeping dream about being at the beach I’d do some closed-eye beach daydreaming in bed. Thing is, I found that laying to one side or another made that easier or harder. To the left – beach thoughts swirled and coalesced nicely; to the right – I couldn’t keep my mind on-task.

I still do this today, so many years later. I’ll flip and flop around until I find just the right spot and can vividly picture the elaborate treehouse I’ve moved our family into. We’ve got all the Swiss-Family style mod cons and we’re setup to enjoy the essence of living tucked away together in some forest or on some island. If I turn my hip just so and get it to not dig into the mattress at that odd angle I can even smell the pine or ocean. Maybe I can parlay this into some fantastic dream about the future of our life together in this place. If I can just manage to get a pinch of comforter between my two knees so the hard bones aren’t resting on each other, I’ll be able to see the cloudless sky. C’mon subconscious… do this for me.

Before I go, let me ask you guys a question: Is the text on the blog too tight? I mean line-spacing, is it hard to read? Would it be easier if I put a little more space in there? Aesthetically, visually, I like tight text. I think blocks of words look better without all the whitespace but I don’t want to lose readers because of it. OK thanks. Oh before I get off the meta-blogging, I’ve added support for threaded comments (i.e. you can reply to others’ comments now), which is kinda cool. It should make the overflowing comment situation a little more manageable. Sarcasm.


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  1. I don’t want to ruin the dream, but your Swiss-Family Robinson tree house would probably have hardwood floors.

    The text looks fine as it is, I don’t have difficulty reading it at all.

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