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I know you can’t really see it – but last night I upgraded to the newest version of WordPress, v1.5. The upgrade went, for the most part, smoothly, with only a few stylesheet related errors I had to clear up. Scrubbing the stylesheet is good housekeeping anyway, and it even inspired me to test with Firefox and Opera to make sure everything renders kosher. So far, I’m really digging the 1.5 backend… although it may take me a while get used to where things are now. Looks like they’ve built-in some comment-spam moderation, which is nice… and in general there are more comment moderation features. I did a quick spot-check of most crucial blog-features, and they all seem to be intact and working, so I declare the upgrade a success. The only thing that bummed me out was how nice the Kubrick template looked compared to my same-old green… but… it’s comfortable.

Tomorrow folks, tomorrow I’ll be airborne. A little flying city, me included, all jetting our way to Taipei over an interminably long ~24hr travel time. I’m ready, mentally; physically, I still have to pack and haven’t even started planning for the actual work I’ll be doing while in town. I am excited, though, about hooking up with a buddy while in town and visiting the local custom shirt and slacks places. Tailor-made shirts and dress slacks for $20, you can’t beat it. And man, I’d pay twice that to get something that fits around my childbearing thighs. The right fit can make all the difference, not binding my junk while I walk, not cutting off circulation to my legs, etc. Until I can get less fat, it’s the only way to go. Plus, I’ll be interested to see if the puny Taiwanese measuring tapes can encircle the girth of my legs anyway… mighty American redwoods to their toy saplings.

I saw the chief of the CIA came out and said something about North Korea having more nukes than we thought they had, or something. We gotta get these bastards people. We gotta reach out the long arm of American justice and give them a little preemptive shot off the bow. This is America; we flex you flinch. I mean, how can we be expected to stay our trigger-fingers when we’re being mocked outright!? This is the USofA you commie dickheads. Remember those letters, they’ll be the last thing you see on the side of the ICBM that screams into your village. Here in America we have little love for axes, and we hate evil ones with a passion. So shape up, because cowboys don’t take insults lightly:

The Americans swagger like a tiger around the world, but they whimper before our Republic as the tiger does before the porcupine. That’s because we have our Great Leader Kim Jong Il, who is undefeatable.

Pyongyang Radio, North Korea

OK. For real. I can remember, as far back as a few years ago, hearing members of Radiohead wax on about how underappreciated the 70s group Can was. I downloaded their two most well-regarded albums long ago, and gave them each a little listening to. Since then, they’ve been waiting on my hard drive as quiet ones and zeros… needing only my pointing and clicking to transform them into membrane-vibrating analog pulses of air. Today at work, I pointed and I clicked – and I was taken by surprise at how much I immediately dug what I heard. Some of the longer, more experimental, tracks are pure avant-crap… but the tiny little slice songs are really enjoyable.

And before I go, I strongly encourage everyone to go and download a copy of the excellent OpenCD project. Then, the next time your friends and relatives ask you for copies of programs (because you work at a high-tech company and you must have access to free warez copies of all the latest appz), you can instead send them this great disc of OpenSource programs to replace the payware they’ve been duped into thinking is superior.


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