rolled newspaper to the snout

T-to-the-eye, W-to-the-on. I’m packin’, I’m launderin’, and I’m checkin’ items off my “stuff to do before I go to Taiwan” list. Makin’ sure my PJ64 Zelda savegame is still there from the last plane ride out, I figure I can pick up where I left off last time. Yesterday was crunch day, the last day to get my junk done before being a world removed for the next week. I’m happy to say I managed to get it all done… even if it was a 6:30pm squeaker. Not bad, really, when your “late” days at work mean getting home in time for the OC.

The other night I had the strangest dream. I was out in the living room, watching TV and typing on the laptop. All of the sudden, I got a terrible urge to use the restroom. All sounds plausible so far, but for some reason, I chose to go right ahead and use the bathroom (#2 mind you) right there on the carpet at the bottom of the couch. Yeah, I know… Anyway, after finishing up, I realized what I’d done. My only thought was, “Oh no, Sharaun is gonna be so mad.” I either woke up or lost the dream right after I set about cleaning up the mess I’d made. It’s dreams like that (well, not really like that, since I’ve never, ever, ever, had a dream quite like that before) that make me wanna own one of those dream-interpretation books. I mean, something like that has to mean something.

Last night I downloaded an album by a group called Ratatat. I’d vaguely remembered seeing them reviewed on PF, but I grabbed it more for the name than anything (I do that a lot). Turns out it’s primarily “electronic” music, an overused generalized genre that can presumably include everything from Depeche Mode to Autechre. If you know me, you know I’m not the world’s #1 “electronica” fan… so much of it is just the same old 4:4 “fairgrounds” techno crap, and much of it is plain boring to me. Anyway, Ratatat is good! Not techno-goes-mainstream Fat of the Land good, or underground-enough-to-be-OK Crystal Method good… genuinely good. Indie-rock sensibilities with a beat good. There are guitars here, varied percussions and timings, actual progressive themes… far from the Cheat’s lightswitch rave stuff. I dunno, sometimes I think timing has a lot to do with how much I dig an album. I could’ve downloaded this two weeks ago and hated it, but I got it last night and am really digging it. If you’re into stealing music, check it out.

Good morning folks, figured I’d log on and finish this thing just before I head out for the airport. Once again it’s raining out, and it doesn’t look like I’ll get much of a change in the land of bird-flu. I think it’s rained at least one day every time I’ve been to there. And now it’s time to shut down and begin the journey.

Looks like my refferrer spam hack is working for other people, which is awesome – glad I can help. Until Taiwan-Tuesday or America-Monday… see ya.

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