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More lines than one!Howdy for Tuesday morning folks.  I got lazy tonight, left the dishes to rot in the sink until tomorrow.  Not my normal M.O., but I was preoccupied.

The other night our neighbors invited us over for dinner to celebrate a birthday with them.  We had some great food and sat around watching some gameshow broadcast via satellite from the Philippines.  At some point I ducked out into the backyard with the neighbor to check on the ribs on the barbecue, and noticed all the fruit trees growing.  I’ve been over before, but had forgotten that they had so many trees planted.  Turns out one of those trees is a Gala apple.  And, being that it’s planted about 30ft from my Fuji tree, I think I’ve perhaps found the answer to my questions the other day about this year’s apple crop.  Hopefully the Gala and Fuji can continue to cross-pollinate and make better crops for each of us.  Kinda cool I don’t have to worry about planting another tree to do it.

Yesterday, as I prepared and posted the pictures from the Halloween party, I realized just how behind I am on posting new pictures to the gallery section of the website.  I haven’t updated the pictures of Keaton since back in June when we went to Aruba, and before that not since February.  This used to bother me, actually, I’d feel way behind on updating the content, like I was letting folks down or something.  Now, however, I’m almost of a mind that static “gallery” installations on personal webpages are fast becoming a thing of the past.

There’s just no guaranteed permanence with any of the current solutions: free online services are likely to fade away and die at some point, so Flickr, Picasa, and the like are unattractive to me; and hosted services like Gallery and Coppermine and the like are only around as long as you maintain them and don’t lose the database (has happened to me at least once).  All this makes me think that perhaps the future of photo-sharing online isn’t a centralized repository that has staying power, but rather a Facebook-style quick-and-easy type of instant-sharing.  Something that casual enough that you don’t feel overly committed to uploading and sharing, something quick enough that you’re apt to upload frequently, and something fleeting enough that you’d not feel gutted if everything were lost in the internet ether.

I’ve almost convinced myself that it’s the way to go… timely, frequent, small bursts of quality photos posted to the blog instead of doing massive dumps to a dedicated location.  Furthermore, I’m going to try and make this happen here on sounds familiar from here on out.  I mean, nothing says I’ll keep up with it – look at how much my daily writing has fallen off lately (things have been busy, y’all) – but I’m gonna give it a go.


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