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Not A Step.Happy Tuesday folks.  Another lovingly crafted entry from the sounds familiar collective, which, actually, is just me.  What are we gonna do today here on the blog?  Let’s see.

Lately I’ve been going through something of a “family unit” renaissance.

I’ve written about the concept before, but I’ll briefly re-hash it here because maybe, taken together, it’ll help explain where I’m coming from. Every once in a while, I “wake up” and start thinking about how the majority of my interaction with my family (Sharaun and Keaton) is done in a group setting. Meaning, even though we spend most of our time with each other – I feel like we sometimes rob ourselves of family-only one-on-one time with our penchant for hanging with the clique. Nothing against hanging with the clique, but I think it’s supremely healthy for the three of us to have some dedicated “get away” time on a regular basis. And, recently, the notion has gained steam in my brain.

So much so, in fact, that the other week I threw out a last-minute suggestion that we pack a cooler and a suitcase and just take a roadtrip down to Disneyland for a weekend. Why not? It’s viable from a location and cost standpoint, albeit admittedly a bit on the expensive side for a guerilla family vacation. Keaton would love it; and it would give us some time together just the three of us. For me, it was that last bit that seemed to scratch an itch I’ve been having lately… the yen to run away and hide out with only those you love the most.

I know that “family time” is good for our family. It brings us closer and helps re-focus us on what matters. No, we don’t need Disneyland to accomplish that… and I think we do a fair job of it just playing a game at home in the evening instead of flipping on the television or sitting around on our respective internets while Keaton busies herself with her dollhouse. But, home is home; and “getting away” is something else all together.  So, yeah… I’m thinking more and more about a family escape.  Wish us luck.

And, whilst I’m on the subject of family, I thought it’d be a good time to post another round of vintage scanned-in photos from our now massive collection.  Check them out below, there are some good ones here…

And with that, folks, I’m outta here.  Sharaun’s busy working on something at the kitchen table and I’ve got the run of the iPod in the living room.  So I’m gonna read a little and listen to some tunes.


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