just another weekend

Sunday evening and I put Keaton down before 6 o’clock.

I know, seems early, but we had a napless afternoon spent swimming at Pat’s place.  No sleep combined with sun and fun make for one very tired Keaton. In fact, we were only a scant ten minutes into an episode of the Backyardigans before she curled up next to me and put her head down in my lap. Of course though, she wasn’t tired at all when you asked her. But, Dad knows best, and put her down with the sun still shining. I swear she was asleep before I could tiptoe out of the room.  And now, with Keaton down and Sharaun still out, I’m watching Roy Rogers in 1947’s Apache Rose and thinking what I’ll cook up for dinner.

Saturday Sharaun and I finally got some inspiration and painted the front room.  Since we’re using it now as our main “sitting room,” or whatever, we’ve both been anxious to make it feel a little more “liveable” (most of the house is still the same stark white that it was when we bought the place right after construction, some five years ago).  And, although we’re extremely slow to dress the place up, I think we’re making some good progress lately.  Next on the list: a ceiling fan and (hopefully) a screen door that Sharaun won’t mind (she’s 100% against them, but I love the “notion” of an open door, sor some reason – even though it’s not really open… or something).  Yeah, well, let’s see what else I’ve got.

Anyway, part of the reason behind all the freshening up is the fact that Sharaun’s folks come to visit a just a couple weeks.  And, while Sharaun has a few more inside projects lined up, I’ve got some outside ones that are calling.  My goal is to have the place looking a little more all-around nice by the time they’re here.  Their stay here usually involves a lot of kickin’ it around the house, with things like barbecues afternoons in the sprinklers.  I’m excited, becasue I get to take some time off work.  Still a ways off though, so best to not get overexicted now…

OK folks, love you.  Sorry it’s nothing grand tonight, I’ll try and do better tomorrow.  Goodnight.

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