Give it a rest.  Before we start (or maybe I should do it at the end, I’m not sure), you can take some time to check out the pictures page – I finally managed to update Keaton’s gallery and bring it current, shamefully having to go all the way back to October to get it done.  So, amble on over there (you can amble with a mouse, right?) and take a look… I’ll wait.  K?  K.

I know… it’s been a while.  Good to finally have some present-day Keaton representation.

Got home from work today and Sharaun said she couldn’t get the bread cooked because the oven wouldn’t get hot.  Hmmm… interesting.  I popped the hood and poked around like I knew what I was doing… looking for a pilot light or something easy.  No pilot light, no obvious “shutoff” switch that may have been tripped somewhere, and the gas burners still lit up and worked fine (yeah, that crossed my mind too).  Sitting there, still dressed in kahkis, brown shoes, and my work sweater… I Googled for some assistance.  Manual says there’s a oven shutoff, hidden deep under the stovetop.  I find it, cut my hand in several places trying to squeeze my fingers around it… but it’s not off, it’s on like it should be.

Calling the number tomorrow, stupid oven is broken.  Worked yesterday; busted today.

Sometime near the end of 2008, the subwoofer in my truck blew. Now, from the rear of the vehicle, any significant bass note manifests not as a deep smooth baritone but rather a rattling paper fart. I hate it, and the loss of the low-end has made the rest of the vehicle sound like a tinny prison where harsh treble tones stab and scrape the ears and make everything sound just awful. It’s amazing how much the bottom-end brings to music (I know, it all works together). I’ve always said that the most important aspect of my vehicle (aside from getting me from point A to point B) is the audio. May sound stupid, but I really do enjoy the music time I get while in the car – so sounding good (especially at loud volumes) is of utmost importance.

Crappy bass sounds crappy.

Looking for used ’97 Explorer woofers on eBay, stupid bass is broken.  Worked last year; broken today.

Work today was a reminder that I’d been “off” for a couple weeks.  So much to do, so much left undone.  I got in before 8am and left after 6pm.  To be fair, the dread over going back turned into motivation to get things back to normal; to solve those problems that had been lingering; to get into some sort of normal, expected rhythm.  I managed… but I’d still rather win the lottery.

That’s it.  Goodnight.  Love you.

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