before the blessed weekend

Friday.  Yahoo.

I took the day “off” today.  Too bad that doesn’t really mean anything in the context of the modern-day e-worker; I’m still sitting on my butt (just on the couch instead of my well-worn swivel chair in my dreary cubicle) doing e-mail, sick or not.  It’s OK, I suppose… afterall my brain doesn’t seem to be suffering; just my sinuses.  Anyway, my morning thus far has consisted of working while vetting the “street” version of the new Of Montreal album today and am busy listening ot that a high-volume as the pile of used tissue grows next to me (yes, I’m writing at midday today, since I’m home and have the opportunity).

At my appointment with the doctor, I saw the nurse practitioner.  (Does anyone get to see a real Ph.D’d doctor anymore at the general practitioner these days?  I think I’ve seen the guy whose name’s on the building all of one time.)  It was a different NP than I’m used to seeing, and I ended up really liking her.  I’ve never really gone to the doctor looking for assistance with any kind of medical mystery, and I’ve usually already self-diagnosed myself and am just looking for confirmation and the almighty Rx to get me back on-track, so I’m usually pretty ambivalent to the “care” I get.  Maybe that’ll change as I get older and start to develop some more obscure infirmities, but for now I typically only need a doctor for their prescription pad.

The NP I saw today though was completely different than the drug-pushers I normally deal with.  Instead of going right to the pad and pushing me out the door with a scrawled script for antibiotics, she instead recommended an “easier on the body” (as she put it) nasal spray first (although she ultimately did prescribe an antibiotic in case that course of action failed to work).  In fact, she actually reviewed with me the two prescriptions I currently take regularly, suggesting potential ways I could eliminate them from my routine.  I liked this for some reason, maybe it’s her bedside manner or whatever but it worked to inspire trust with me.  Kind of a strange notion to have a doctor unprescribing things… but a welcome change in my opinion.

Tomorrow it’s back to work, feel like I’ve been away from my little desk for too long now (although, I did manage to get an impressive amount of work done today from the couch).  One day of work before the blessed weekend.  Saturday we’re going to Pat’s Catholic church to drink beer and eat pork at their annual Oktoberfest celebration (we had a blast last year).  Can you imagine a protestant church having a celebration which is essentially centered around drinking beer, in the house of worship?!  My hat’s off to those progressive folks, and I can’t wait to dance to some oompah with Keaton.  Sunday I work on Halloween.

Until Monday, goodnight.

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