you are an idiot

this came up on a GIS for "dissapearing"

Late night last night updating my Pac Man pages. I’ve had a bunch of new content (text) written for a long while, but just needed to work it into the page format/flow. Anyway, it’s done – but still needs another round of work before I can put the site on “autopilot” and be happy with it.

On the “web roundup” tip, an old friend sent me this page, and it cracked me up: Insanity Test (and no, it’s not the “you are an idiot” page, for those who think I’m evil enough to link that again). Also a great read is the page maintained by a guy named Brandon Joyce, which I found several years ago quite by mistake while it was still hosted at the U of Va. All the items on his page are worth a read, but some are particularly funny (warning to the timid, there is some “nasty” subject matter here). Stick around, I’ve seen a lot of the internet – and I’ll try to pass along a few of the better parts so you, too, can become as savvy as me.

As for the blog, I’m thinking of adding a “cast of characters” page. Back in 1998-99, I stumbled upon the first blog I’d ever seen, maintained by some guy who calls himself G-Rock. I laughed so hard at some of his entries (beware, that’s a super-old vintage link), and I’d love to do something like what he calls his “frequently used nouns” page. Thoughts?

OK, I’m out.

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