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So, I know… I took a little haitus.  Truth be told, it wasn’t some 1,000th-post respite or anything, I was just occupied evenings the past couple days.  I hope you’ll forgive me the disappearance, and pray you’ll fall right back into that daily groove with me again.

Me, I’ve been doing fine.  A few of our clique have recently succumbed to a nasty stomach virus, which is now making its way through the group.  A pillar of natural hardiness, this would normally phase me little.  However, I can’t help shake this strange tingly-chills thing, and I have the odd sensation that my body is working to defend itself.  And, with a camping trip looming this weekend – I’ve got petitions out to several dieties (a good engineer should always try to cover the spread), just in case.

Now, for something completely boring.

Not too long ago, I came up with the concept of the atomic appreciation of music.  See, I think everyone appreciate the tunes they enjoy at different atomic levels.  Let me explain by giving an example: For me, my “atom” of music is the album.  I consume my music in albums; I acquire and catalog my music by the album; and, for most part (with a few exceptions) I judge the “goodness” of an artists’ effort based on the sum quality of the album which contains it.  Now, this is not to say that there’s no place for the single, because I’ll admit I have my share of one-night stands when it comes to a good catchy tune, but, for me personally, the album is the base-unit.  I don’t download songs, I download albums (let it be known, however, that I pay for everything I do download in real American dollars that I’ve earned working at my job).

The thing is, I don’t think this is the way most people consume their music.  And, to be honest, it has its drawbacks.  I think I’m less apt to enjoy the sparkling singularity of a stellar one-hit-wonder because of it, and I’m also prone to looking down my nose at an entire LPs worth of songs just because of one or a couple stinkers.  I think most people are more prone to enjoying their music on the atomic level of the song.  This, in fact, seems quite logical, when you consider it.  But, whether it’s the collector in me or what, I’m stuck on the album.  And, there are some rewards for this… think about Zeppelin’s 2nd LP, or Delaney & Bonnie’s Motel Shot.  Albums that just play like a solid wall of awesome, think Arcade Fire’s Funeral, or Sgt. Pepper.  Yeah, for real.

OK, I’ve just wanted to type that for so long… I know it’s not fun to read.  Apologies.

And, unfortunately, I’ve got nothing more.  I swear I’ll make a comeback next week.  Forgive.

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