my 1,000th post

It’s like some kind of celebration up in here.

Today marks the 1,000th here on sounds familiar.  I know you can barely believe it, but this very sentence you’re reading right now, which lives as a part of this very post you’re reading right now, is just one sentence of one post out of a thousand.  I don’t know, it seemed like a big deal to me.

I mean, doing the math: this blog officially started on September 11th, 2003.  Today is July 10th, 2008. I guess that’s pert-near five years of wirting.  If we estimate ~250 “bloggable” days per year (exlcuding weekend and holidays), that’s 1,000 out of 1,250 days I’ve written, or something close to 80%.  Yeah, it’s an inflated rough estimate – but I think sounds familiar has done me proud.

And, since I’ve reached such heights, I’m taking today off.  I suggest you click that “random post” link on the sidebar a few times and see if you stumble on anything you like.  Or, go down the blogroll and read some of my friends’ stuff.  Or, don’t.

I’ll be back Monday, have a good weekend.

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