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Vacation! No, seriously, I’m off all week this week. Prepare for another spate of spotty writing.

Spent Sunday afternoon planning and booking travel for my upcoming sabbatical. In the booked-and-looking-forward-to department: Hawaii for a family getaway on Maui, Florida for time with family, Keaton’s 1st trip to Disney World, and a semi-planned weekend in the Keys (baby with grandparents). In the to-be-booked department: a quick trip to Munich to meet some friends for Oktoberfest, and an on-the-cheap Vegas getaway. Finally, and sadly, in the not-happening-anymore department: the 14 day hike of the Muir trail Anthony and I were planning (his own sabbatical, which was to overlap mine, has fallen through). Yet, in spite of that disappointment, I’m extremely happy about the progress we made today.

It all gets really real when you start juggling skymiles, spending money, and scheduling time – which makes it all even more awesome to think about. Actually, I’m pretty pleased with our financial output in relation to the things we’re planning on doing. Used miles for the tickets to Florida and Hawaii (completely paid for Florida, got Hawaii for $115 round-trip each after mileage credits), paid a buddy for a week in his timeshare on Maui and saved a bundle on the “advertised” rates (which, I’m sure, are totally inflated to begin with), and am hoping to co-bunk and split hotel costs with some fellow Oktoberfest travelers. As a bonus, I was able to tack a weekend in Oregon with my folks onto the end of the Hawaii flights, and, if we do Vegas, Jeff’s got the hookup on accommodations and we can carpool down. So, all in all, it’s a pretty reasonably-priced travel blitz.

Sabbatical cannot come soon enough.

Well folks, I’m off. Goodnight.

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