bloggin’ ain’t easy

Trying to do a blog every day isn’t easy, in fact it’s sometimes a burden on my mind. If some after-work drinks go long, I might find my mind wandering, subtracting current time from midnight to gauge my closing window of writing time. I sometimes feel like one of those nutty dog people who leave perfectly fun goings-on to race home and let Fido out, getting itchy to head home and come up with something to post. I have actually caught myself thinking something like, “Oh man, another round of beers? Now I’m definitely not going to be able to write tonight.” Usually though, the act of writing is enjoyable, despite the fact that I may have to actually “work” to get it done by taking time out or staying up late. You may have noticed, though, that over the past couple weeks I’ve missed at least one, and sometimes two, days a week.

This is uncharacteristic for me, but I know what’s happening: Work is busy. Now, in and of itself, that’s just another time-based challenge I have to work around. But lately, work is more than just “busy:” work is frustrating. My mood at the office has been one of a hundred loose-ends and not enough hands to tie them all off. I’m sure this is partly due to the fact that I’m looking forward desperately to our coming vacation in Florida, but it’s also because the environment at work lately is filled with a kind of pointless urgency. I kind of “hurry up” feeling that ends with a largely unfulfilling “keep hurrying up” follow-on. Hopefully Christmas will knock me out of this slump…

To close randomly, I don’t know if the FDA does “usability studies” or pre-release tests with products that are pending approval, but I’m about to make a phone call and see if I can get on some kind of list for this thing. O, what a wonderful tool to put in the hands of the hairy consumer.


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  1. Hey Dave, when are you going to be in FL? We’ll be in Miami the 20th-27th so maybe we could stop by one day to say hello and finally see Keaton!

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