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Birth-Eve. 24hrs and it’ll be the day the doctor predicted as our daughter would arrive. I know, due dates mean little, but it’s a psychological milestone at least. This weekend, Sharaun took the advice of a friend and went to get a pedicure, so her toes are now neat and pink – the idea being that at least they’ll be more pleasant to look at for the umpteen hours where they’ll be front and center during labor. And, on top of those pink toes, she affixed little stick-on letters, one per piggie, that spell: “YOU CAN DO IT.” Y’know, the power of positive thinking and whatnot, plus – it shows she’s got a fine sense of humor about the whole deal. I’m more ready than ever, in fact I’m downright impatient… wanting pretty badly to just be able to hold her in my hands, covered in vagina-juice or not.

Monday was a vacation day, Presidents Day here in the States, and it was a gorgeous one. The rains of the weekend-proper ended and we had a crisp clear day, colder than normal but with a nice warm sunshine to help balance it. I spent the morning working around the house, doing more nesting. Cleaning bathrooms, hanging new shelves, and putting the baby swing-thing together. For that last task, I moved the truck out of the garage to gain some working room, put some Otis Redding on the stereo, and puffed my pipe as a I pieced the thing together. I love being able to smoke my pipe while I work. The other day, I even puffed it as a mowed the lawn – people driving by must’ve thought they’d time-warped back to the 50s to see me. One day, I’ll have a real man’s “den,” with a large standing floor globe, shelves of leather-bound books to match the leather sofas, and a pipestand next to my chair, again, leather with brass brad seams. Isn’t that every man’s dream? A cloistered room with a hunting lodge vibe, warm fireplace and maybe bearskin rug? Yeah… one day…

Recently, I discovered the excellent Cheetah line of CD/DVD burning apps – which are free. Up until now, I’ve been using CDBurnerXP Pro and BurnAtOnce, both of which are good – but the Cheetah apps do a better job of integrating users’ most frequent burning and copying tasks into one nice UI. So, if the trial version of Nero that came with your new laptop is expired, check them out here, good stuff.


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