a troll in the stork’s workshop

Probably a boring entry today, in play-by-play style but at least spiced up with some photographs to make you think it’s meatier than it really is.

Lately I feel something like an elf in Santa’s workshop – working tirelessly day and night to make toys for all the good boys and girls of the world. But… I’m not an elf; I’m taller and rounder and much hairier, a little more like a troll. And… I’m not in Santa’s workshop; I’m in my home – working tirelessly day and night to make things ready for Lil’ Chino’s arrival. OK, not quite tirelessly, but I’ve at least been working (at times with the assistance of others) for four days or so. Oh but folks, the hard work has definitely paid off. With the addition of the glider we got on the cheap off Craigslist, a new white-rimmed light fixture, and some new white shelves, it’s just about perfect.

Friday night… we opted to stay in, beat-down as we are from last evening’s late ending. Sharaun did her day on an hour and a half of sleep, and is now sawing logs on the couch. She’s got her shirt hiked up above her bulging belly and every once and a while I can see the whole mass squirm and writhe like I’d imagine it would were an octopus coiled inside. No ocean-life here though, just our little girl; she’s getting bigger, stronger, and making herself more apparent everyday. Not just by trying to push her way out Sharaun’s belly, either, just by… permeating. Saturating my thoughts more and more every day. And… I love it; I really do. I’m ready for her to be the center of my world.

Sunday was Sharaun’s final baby shower, and we once again came away with armloads of loot. Sharaun’s friends threw one of the most thoughtful and well-lain showers I’ve seen (not that I’m some kinda baby shower aficionado, but it just makes you realize what good friends do). While the ladies were brokebacking it up over at the house, I haded over to Pat’s for some football with all the abandoned dudes, only to come back later for a look at the plunder. Without going down the list, we did manage to score (between this and her other showers) most all the “big ticket” items on our registry – which is more awesome than I can even say.

But, out of all the gifts we got, there was one that I loved sooo much, I had to take pictures and show the world. Given to us by one of sounds familiar’s devoted readers, maygsters, were these awesome handmade onsies (as I’ve been told they are called) and hand-knitted little booties (lots of baby things end with Gollum-esque “ies”). It’s hard to make out in the picture below, but if you click you can see a larger version that’s more legible.

If you can’t read ’em, there’s: Daddy drinks because I cry, a Justin Tenderlegs (must be for Sharaun), the blog logo, Been on the inside for 9 months, and, needless to say, my absolute favorite – the “Lil’ Chino” logo’d tee (in realistic Latino streetgang typeface!). I seriously can’t wait to get her into it.


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