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Saturday. A really nice do-nothing Saturday.

Cleaned the cars; something I never do. Vacuumed, wiped-down, spot-cleaned upholstery, the works. Felt good. One of those things that swells a pride in ownership. Took longer than I thought – hours. But what else was I doing? The startup is stopped-up, and my day-job does not, per design, intrude on my evenings or weekends. So, cleaning cars is a great use of time.

Cars… driving…

Keaton will be fifteen in a few weeks. Fifteen!

When? How? I can close my eyes and lean my head back and feel the tiny weight of her asleep on my bare chest. I can hear her little baby-talk voice, and I still often on-purpose mispronounce words the way she did as she was learning. She has become such an amazing person as she’s gotten older.

I’ve been giving her lessons. I let her drive the car around the lot where we store the RV, gave her the wheel the other weekend as we drove on the sand at the beach. She’s a natural, I think… she has a good feel for the vehicle. She’s intimidated by traffic, and sometimes by my direction (I can hear my dad’s edge in my voice when I’m giving stern commands).

Married twenty-one years with a fifteen year old and a ten year old. Whoa.


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