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You should be able to figure this one out...
Rainy day in California; kind of welcomed, actually. Cold, gloomy, and wet – good sweater-weather. Sometime this week I’m gonna bust out my DVD of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and give it its once-a-year workout. I love that special, it’s just not Halloween until I’ve seen it.

I saw Apple announced the new iPod today, the iPod Photo. It comes in a 60GB flavor, which could hold a nice chunk of my digital tunes collection. Not all of it, being somewhere around 150GB, but probably a big enough chunk that I could tote around with me everything I regularly listen to (the obscure stuff could be loaded on demand when the mood strikes). The only thing that makes me nervous about the iPod is its high cost-to-size ratio. You know what I’m talking about? Really small things that are really expensive just make me worry about losing them. $5000 Rolex, $1000 cufflinks, etc. – too easy to lose such a large investment I guess. Whatever, I think I could get over it for this 60 jiggabyte thing… the new iPod looks rad.

So, I don’t think I’ve written about it – but I got some news at work the other day that really got me excited. A proposed business trip next year: 4 days in Moscow followed by 3 days in Amsterdam. I never get to go to Europe for work, it’s usually always China or Taiwan – so I was super happy to hear the news. If all the travel gets cleared with management, I’ll be flying out sometime in April. It would be my first time in Europe, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve got my fingers crossed…

Changing subjects, I’m disgusted with the house right now. It’s so messy, so disorganized, I sometimes want to just tear through it with a garbage can. I get a little obsessive-compulsive like this at times, and just go on cleaning rampages to try and straighten things up. Taking the world’s #1 slob as a wife didn’t help, it’s like living with a child who hasn’t learned to pick up after himself – but one you can’t punish. If my teenager were as messy, I could ground them; but with a wife, there’s not much you can do. So I do my best to show my frustration in little ways, throwing things away – whatever they may be – if they’re left on the floor for more than two days. Putting all discarded clothes that aren’t hung up or put away into the dirty clothes, regardless of whether they’re straight out of the wash or not. Going through the house and putting all “loose crap” in a large bag and leaving it on her side of the bed, etc. I make lots of piles. When the level of flotsam is just too much, I’ll often pile it all in the center of the room – where the sheer volume of it can no longer be ignored. These are my tactics, this is what I’m reduced to. Can someone help me?

Wanna hear something crappy? Less than a week before the big Halloween party, and the Pac Man machine decides to crap out. Won’t even boot most of the time, acting really funny. I made a half-effort at debugging it tonight, but it seems entirely random – which is never good with computers. Owell.

Dave out.

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