Don't worry, that toaster can't hurt you.
With Halloween just around the corner, and it being my most-favorite of the three year-end holidays, I’m getting antsy for some time off. It seems like I say that quite a bit, but I don’t care. It’s lunch time right now on Monday, and I came home to eat a sandwich rather than spending $10 on lunch out. Watched a couple TiVo’d episodes of the Twilight Zone ca. 1961, which were great. Now I’m listening to some Al Stewart and sitting in front of the computer again.

I’m so pumped, I ordered the complete 1st and 2nd season of The Land of the Lost on DVD the other night. We were all sitting around Anthony’s and somehow the show came up, only myself and two other guys remembered the show at all – so I started surfing the ‘net for some info. When I saw a package deal for both seasons on Amazon, I had to bite. I think that show played a huge role in my “stranded survivalist” fascination, and I can’t wait to watch some of it again. I know, the acting is gonna be super disappointing – but I just wanna see how much I remember. What a great show.

Also in the “getting excited about something coming up” category, I’m really anticipating the Arcade Fire show in San Fran in early December. With a debut album that, in my mind, is the best thing released this year – I’m looking forward to seeing them live. There’s quite a bit I’m looking forward to in the musical arena, including new albums from Bright Eyes and the Decemberists early next year – which with any luck, will be leaked sooner. We’ve also got the Blonde Redhead show next month, with Helio Sequence opening – a local show too, which makes it all the better. Even with all that to look forward to, there’s new stuff out right now that demands attention: new Hot Hot Heat and Bright Eyes EPs, and that darned Arcade Fire album that just won’t get out of my CD player…

Ben came over tonight and we built a fog chiller for Halloween, we followed the plans on this site – judging this to be the most “heavy duty” of chiller designs. What we got was crap, pure crap. The mega-fogger I bought this year seemed to push entirely too much fog through the chiller too quickly, not giving it a chance to cool sufficiently – and last year’s wimpy cooler did the same thing. Fog escaped from the lid hinges, the lid itself, everywhere – and none of it stuck to the ground. It was a horribly disappointing $70 “experiment,” and I’m pissed it didn’t work. Maybe we can do some tweaking and make it usable… but I’m not holding my breath. To top it all off, the rain tripped the GFCI circuitry on my not-really-for-outside-use Halloween lighting and mechanics, killing my display for the evening. Bummer.

Good night all, it’s past my bedtime and I’m getting fussy. Dave out.

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