thank you mr. axworthy

cough cough sneeze sniffle
I’m sick. I feel crappy. So today, you get a break from the 3-page blogs while I rest.

I put my old camera up on Ebay, hopefully I can make some cash. I didn’t get to work on the yard or the Halloween stuff much this weekend. I did have to repair the FCG on Sunday, because the blacklight fell from where we mounted it – and was swinging by it’s cord. I also finished a few tombstones and set them in the ground on Sunday, while I had a bout of feeling well. Equally as rad, I discovered Sunday night that while securing the graveyard fence in the front yard, I had managed to pound a piece of rebar through a sprinkler pipe. So, today I have to repair that so I can get the lawn watered again. Not a very productive weekend.

Oh yeah, speaking of the crank ghost – I took some video last night so you can see just how awesome this thing looks. Remember, the final effect includes a haze of fog that obscures the ghost. I didn’t have the fog running for the video, but I still think it’s pretty impressive. Judge for yourself below:

FCG movie for broadband users.
FCG movie for dialup users.

I think it looks pretty good! Hope ya liked it, I’ll have more pictures of Halloween night sometime next week. Everyone’s costumes are sounding really awesome, so there should be some good snapshots of the whole affair. Oh yeah, more blog stuff in the news… see, I’m not that crazy…

Dave out.

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