Man, today worked out great.  A Sunday like the Sundays of old.  I mean, after church, we all went down to the town square and sat under the old oak tree for an afternoon concert.

Yeah, well, maybe not exactly like the Sundays of old… but we did come home church and take a family-style nap – all three of us sacked out in various places around the house for a couple hours.  Quite nice.  Later on I put together a new set of shelves I bought for the garage; more storage for our ever growing collection of stuff we don’t need.

The weekend otherwise was normal.  Dinner out with some friends Friday, the crew over for beer and football Saturday (and helping put some last-last-minute touches on some of the Halloween decorations), and then a chili-cookoff at Ben & Suzy’s place later that evening.  It was a nice low-obligation weekend with no real “work” I had to get done, since the props are all up and running (minus the new one I didn’t build… there’s always next year).

If you couldn’t tell already, I don’t have much today, like I said I whiled away the afternoon on the couch listening to music and napping.  I do, however, have a little Keaton audio I took tonight on the trusty iPhone.  I wanted to share her new joke with you guys.  Yeah, I taught her the joke (Mom did laugh, but wasn’t exactly anxious for her to go around telling it to all her friends, either… but that’s what dad’s do, right?) – but she’s getting really good at telling it.  Here, I’ll let her show you herself:

She has her dad’s impeccable timing.

Wasn’t that awesome?  She’s been telling people this “joke” for about a week now, and, even though it may sound perfect, her timing still needs a little work (what you hear here benefited from a little editing wizardry from dad).  Anyway, perhaps another generation of class-clown in the making…


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