picking up stakes

Pack it up, pack it in...
Pulled off my other toenail last night, now Mt. Whitney has claimed them both. Hope you had fun Whitney, but my big toenails are a small price to pay in defeating you. You may have the toenails, but I bested you my friend – and I’d do it again even if the price was the same. If there is a “next time” though, you can bet I’ll get some better fitting shoes. Intro paragraph over.

Today I got a mail from my moms, and, like a bolt out of the blue, she dropped this bomb on me:

How do you feel about Christmas in Oregon with us?? Seriously! Dad has decided out of the blue that he’s ready to move – now. We have some movers coming today and tomorrow.

What?! My mom e-mailed me to tell me that they’re moving, to Oregon, like right now. I understand some people are impulsive, y’know, maybe get the sudden urge to take a day off or go for a walk or something; my parents get the urge to move out of state. So, looks like we’ll be headed to Oregon for Christmas this year – which actually kinda excites me. I like the idea of my folks in Oregon, I travel there a little bit for work – so there’s a chance I could see them when I’m up there on business trips. Plus, I really like Oregon, some great camping and outdoors stuff – would be nice to have a place to stay if I’m ever up there “frontiering” or something.

Guys, the witch has beaten me. Although she looks cool as all get out, she won’t be flying around my yard this Halloween. I admit, the project was ambitious. From an engineering perspective, there were quite a few hurdles to get over. Time ran out, plans failed, ideas dried up, ad enthusiasm waned with each little setback. So, for this year at least, she’ll be a static prop. Perhaps she’ll fly around next year, who knows. It saddens me, but I know when to cash out and walk away. Hopefully she’ll still be impressive as a static prop, with the right lighting and maybe some fog. Still wish she’d by flying and cackling though? bummer.

Today’s my Friday, as I’m taking a vacation day tomorrow to work on the porch. I hope I wake up motivated and ready to work. Too often I put on my work-clothes and head out to he backyard with the best of intentions, only to mostly stand around and beam with pride at the work I’ve already done. I have a real problem with that. The closer to completing a project I am, the more time I spend stepping back and admiring how it’s coming together. It gets so bad sometimes I end up in a “do one thing, then look at it” loop, which takes 2x as long as actually working. Usually, for me to knuckle under and do non-stop work with no “admiration breaks,” I need someone helping me to motivate me – or just to be in that rare work-only mood. I’m hoping that happens tomorrow, but that remains to be seen.

Here’s an interesting commentary from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s son, a good read. And, for the other side of the crowd, here’s another article I found interesting, although perhaps a tad paranoid (but remember, I read it through my liberal-tinted glasses). Enjoy.

A short one today, but I don’t care. Dave out.

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