For you Lord, and none other.
For the record, I don’t think this is cheating. I finished Wednesday’s entry around 11pm and was getting ready to hit the sack, when I got a second wind – and the rare urge to keep writing. So I did, and ’round about midnight I realized I’d written a full-fledged entry and not just a “starter” fragment for an eventual Thursday post. So here she goes, Wednesday’s hit the web around 11pm and this one’ll be up before 1am – making for a nice blog double-header.

First off, I’d just like to say that, beginning with this week’s Monday entry, I think the caliber of my entries’ “accompanying image” has increased greatly. That trippy color-thing on Monday, the awesome silhouetted diggers that were Tuesday, Wednesday’s “black dude with big balls,” and today’s Abraham sacraficing Isaac. I was beginning to feel down about my blog lately, like the entries were forced and not very good. But I really like yesterday’s entry, and I went back through the archives by week to see if I could pinpoint when I developed this feeling – but to my surprise couldn’t really find any entries that I truly detest. So, I guess I was just bummed because there seemed to be a run on ideas, and I couldn’t think of anything new. Hopefully I’ll maintain my talent of filling up paragraphs (much like thus one) with nonsensical ramblings. Ramble on!

In a quest for new music that I can fall in love with, I’ve been reassessing some of my latest downloads and giving them second chances to become the next Killers Hot Fuss. I finally made it back around to Sufjan’s latest effort, which I actually remember really liking the few times I listened to it the first time around. PF gave it such glowing accolades, I thought I’d better spin it again for good measure. Instantly I remember hearing every tune, which tells me that, at one point, I listened to the whole album – generally a sign that I enjoyed the offering. Anyway, predominantly quiet and for the most part reflective – it makes a solid impression (one underscored with some heavy Christian imagery, making the whole thing very familiar). I think I just picture it as more of a Fall album, while the summer heat makes me pine for something a little more bouncy. As a sidenote, Sufjan’s site eventually resolves to a website called “,” clearly a rip-off of this very blog. What?

In a little more than a month, and if I so desire, I’ll be able to do a “one year ago” feature for my entries. That’s right, the blog’s 1st birthday is coming up in early September. Hard to believe I’ve been writing pretty much daily for a solid year. Come that day, I plan to do a ratio of writable days to days with entries – to judge my dedication, y’know? I have confidence it’ll be a high number, despite my recent spotty writing. I’m super proud of some entries, and others are so/so, while some are downright filler. More often than not I fancy a paragraph or idea that might be hidden inside an otherwise common entry. Anyway, I think it’ll be cool to “look back,” a year to the day, on what I was writing about. Blog on.

I mean, I’m trying Sara, I really am. A couple MP3s, a Ween WMA or two. Didn’t mean to “God you out” with that Sufjan track, but it’s outstanding, no? Dave out.

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