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Look at that black dude's balls!
I’ve decided that I’m just not extreme. Some people, while not extreme – can make that extreme transition. Working a desk job by day and paragliding or basejumping by night. Me, not so much. Not that I’m not crazy or afraid to take risks, I’ve always been willing to stick my neck out. It’s not even that I’m afraid to be extreme, I just don’t think I’m cut out for it. I’ll wakeboard, slide down waterfalls, hike mountains, etc., but I think I’m just a few ticks shy of being truly “extreme.” No worries, I think I’m “mundane” or maybe “average with a touch o’ crazy.” Either way, this paragraph is over.

Oh man, I thought of an awesome idea last night. I decided that Anthony, Ben, and I should get together and pitch a reality show to the networks. I had several ideas, but most centered around us pitching a classic “out of element” show where three computer engineers go somewhere “uncharacteristic” and have their experience taped. My first idea was to take three engineers and have them go to Alaska and homestead (man, I really thought you could still do that). The cameras could follow us as we try to build a house, farm, hunt, whatever. You know: “Three computer engineers, one raised on farm, one who used to be fat, and one who can’t do math – abandon their cubicles for a shack in the Alaskan wilderness.” Maybe the Alaska thing is too extreme (there’s that word again), but we could pitch a few ideas just for good measure: three engineers run a charter fish camp on a tropical island, move to the French countryside and run a winery, walk the Appalachian trail for three months, etc. So yeah, I have a wife… don’t worry, I’d work her in somehow.

Today I actually broke my cycle of laziness and got out to work in the backyard. I filled all the ditches for the sprinklers in “zone three,” and did some general rock cleanup. Then I fired up the sprinklers and sat on a stool in the middle of them, just because I could. It was relaxing actually, after sweating and working to rake dirt and rocks, sitting in the middle of a rain of cool water looking out over my creation. I am God of this backyard, all ye lizards and crickets boweth unto me and offereth up ye tributes unto me.

I’ve been listening to the new Polyphonic Spree album, and – it’s pretty good. I mean, it’s saccharine-sweet hippy crap, but great music. I’ve also decided I have to see these guys live. You may remember them as doing a song on an Ipod commercial a while back (indie is so out-of-the-closet), but the “band” is a sight to behold. Actually, they freak me out a little bit. Mostly because they look like some freakish doomsday cult, ala Heaven’s Gate or something. I count twenty-five white frock wearing “brethren” in most of the band shots, creepy. But for all the creepiness, they make some dang fine tunes. Even though the copy I have is all busted (a terrible blippy, bloopy, hiccuppy rip), I can hear the potential goodness of the album.

Time for bed, g’night.

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