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I am so overly proud of the work I’ve done in the backyard. Honestly, when I’m out there working I’m constantly “taking a break” to look out over my creation. I think I spend about 40% of my time just wandering around looking at the parts that are finished, admiring them and judging them, recalling the work that went into them, standing in the sun beaming smiles towards them. The fruits of my labor, the reason my hands now have just a little teeny-tiny bit of oh-so-desired roughness in place of their normal computer-engineer suppleness. Yes that’s right, I made this, from scratch. The thing that really gets me though, is that it’s actually starting to look good. I mean, good like almost professionally-done good. When did I get so handy?

Anyway, in the spirit of fully enjoying this particular deadly sin I’ve decided to post some pictures of the current state of affairs out back. So here ya go, feast your eyes on these six new snaps of what’s going on. (See, pictures add seemingly-meaningful bloat an otherwise sleepy blog.) Gaze on, and see for yourself why I feel I’m rightfully proud:

The beginnings of our new porch, hand-laid and leveled.

Zone three in full operational glory, watering our pear trees.

Zone two in action alongside the newly mulch-covered retaining wall slope.

Once again our front yard is filled with pallets of stone.

What a thumb looks like after being smashed between a paver and rubber mallet.

Sharaun wanted equal-time for her newly manicured fingers when I was photographing my injured thumb.

Well, a combination of factors are making me close this entry tonight: I’m tired, it’s late, and I don’t feel like writing anymore. G’nite – Dave out.

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