stumble through turtle-paced motions

Lately, I just can’t seem to find time to write every night. I’m hoping it’s not a permanent thing – and I can see my schedule is lightening up in a couple weeks. Right now I just think I’m slammed at work and when I get home I’m just void of ideas. The two days I didn’t write last week, I sat down and wrote into paragraphs but just couldn’t come up with any meat. When I sit there staring at the screen trying to think of something to write to be funny or insightful, it’s a doomed entry. So in that situation I usually just give up and don’t write anything. I did, however, like what entries I managed to come up with last week – so maybe it’s a quality vs. quantity thing.

Didn’t do a dang thing on the yard this weekend, opted to “have fun” instead. Friday night we had some sushi and took in a showing of “Supersize Me” at the Crest. What a fun movie. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a documentary following some dude who chooses to go on an “all McDonalds” diet for 30 days. The film chronicles his health and life for these 30 days. It’s a great flick if you have a chance to go see it, McDonalds must freakin’ hate it… makes them look terrible. Saturday Sharaun and I tried to do some “spring cleaning” around the house, which amounted to dusting. Party at Justin’s/Pat’s/Ben’s Saturday night and then wakeboarding on Sunday. A fun weekend, but not terribly productive. With lots of travel and vacation coming up, the next few months are action-packed. Where did that sentence come from?

What in the world is up with checkout people these days? It seems like cashiers at every discount store and supermarket take lessons in “slow as hell” or something. Honestly, I was in Wal Mart Saturday, and the dude at the register was picking up each item one by one, looking them over as if he was evaluating them for his own future purchases. He’d then take a leisurely swipe or two over the UPC reader, only to turn his whole body and stack them neatly for eventual bagging. This whole painful process was repeated over and over in slow motion. It was all I could do not to yell at the guy, who wasn’t even retarded or anything (not that that would stop me from yelling at him… what?). When I was a cashier, and there were people in my line, I would freakin’ race through the items. The only delays came from the old ladies who still believed a personal check is the most convenient form of payment. On top of all that, they don’t say a damn word to you when you finally reach the front of the line – nothing. They just stumble through the turtle-paced motions and ask if you want cash back. Places should base these peoples’ pay on throughput, not just showing up for work.

I’m out.

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  1. Second that with the old ladies and the checks. Why do people still write checks at stores? You know the old lady has an ATM card . . . which is also a debit card. It comes out of the same freakin´ place! You don´t have to even face the spectre of usury if you´re not into that. If money is so tight that you need to float the $15 for a couple days, just stay home and eat rice until you can establish a one week duckets-in to duckets-out window.

    Also, me and Cynthia have decided that no one in AARP should be allowed to use the self checkout at Home Depot . . . they just don´t get it in a fundamental way. People who are buying lumber and water heaters shouldn´t be allowed to use it either, because the Girl has to come over and scan their stuff, since they can´t get the water heater over the little laser tray. Having the Girl scan all your stuff sort of defeats the purpose of the self checkout.

    Does this count as my guest blog?

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