say “houses of the holy”

630am this morning and I’m in bed, thumbing through my phone avoiding getting up and getting started. Keaton, who leaves for school before 7am, comes into the room.



“Can I borrow your Led Zeppelin t-shirt?”

“It will be big on you. But, sure, you can borrow it.”

I for real had to hide my happiness.

Before she left for school I asked her quickly, “Hey Keaton, what’s your favorite Led Zeppelin song?” “I looked up three songs and know the names in case anyone asks me,” she replied. “Don’t say ‘Stairway to Heaven,'” I offer, “They’ll know you just looked them up.” “That’s the one I was going to say!,” she says. “Say ‘No Quarter’ or ‘The Rain Song’ instead,” I say.

Oh, and your favorite album is “Houses of the Holy.”

She’s learning.

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