gray day

Kids go back to school tomorrow.

It’s been a wild past few years for them. Homeschooled in 2018-19 while we lived on the road and traveled. When we moved to Florida we couldn’t start them right away because we didn’t know what school to send them to because we didn’t know where we were going to live. So they started school late in 2019, and classified as “homeless” since we didn’t yet officially have an address. And then, COVID. So a late start and then right back to “virtual” schooling with Mom (and maybe a little Dad) as instructors.

I know it’s just what it is to them. But I can see it through the eyes of a guy who wasn’t homeschooled for a Bedouin year, who didn’t have to take 6mos off because the world was dying for can’t catching their breath. I guess… we do actually share the “moving from California to Florida” thing… but maybe that’s another blog. So, to them, this is just how it is… which is maybe nice.

But tomorrow is the first day again. It feels odd though. Florida’s leadership is much less conservative than the west-coast, so many of our friends back there still have no option to send their kids back to physical instruction. So you catch yourself asking if you’re doing the right thing or not. Are we doing the right thing? Or, not? I don’t know.

Is gray today. Not much rain but definitely gray.

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