b weeks

How long is a week?

In my experience, a week can go by in a flash. Starting with a 6am Monday meeting with the east coast and ending with a 4pm Friday update to executive staff. Bookends to a five day blur of shifting emergencies and people issues and deadlines and bewildering changes in direction. And then it’s Saturday morning again and if you’re lucky you don’t have any weekend calls or work and you can decompress.

Also in my experience, a week can last a seriously long time. Enough to attend church on Sunday in central Pennsylvania, lounge on the beach for a couple days in Delaware, ride a steam train through Amish country, eat at an Amish smorgasbord, and attend church again before entering New Jersey. Three totally distinct changes of scenery, hundreds of miles, several games of Skip Bo with your wife and two bike rides with the kids.

B-weeks for the rest of my life, please.


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