the tortoise that is my metabolism

It's a spare tire, y'know.. like because I'm fat and stuff.
Man, I seem to be getting more and more e-mail about my Pac Man cabinet every day. I guess as more sites link to mine, and I move up the Google ranks, the more hits I get. Right now my site is the 4th return in a Google for “pac man cocktail,” which ain’t bad at all. I think, of all my self-maintaining sites, it’s the one I’m most proud of. I feel like I actually “completed” it, didn’t leave it hanging like I often do. I mean, out of all my websites – the blog is the one I’m the most happy with, since I’m really happy I’ve kept up with it? and I feel like I might even have a small semi-dedicated readership. Thanks y’allz.

Sitting here listening to the Byrds’ “Mr. Tambourine Man” from 1965. So yeah, the GDM project is up to the By’s at this point. I haven’t been updating the database on the webpage, mostly because I haven’t been 100% diligent in testing all the resulting rips – but I am making some fo rilla progress on getting through the collection. The 120GB RAID array is nearly a quarter full. Dang I gotta take a dump right now, I’ll be right back?

One of my Taiwan customers sent me an awesome little gift the other day. I love this thing. When I was in Taiwan last, I picked up a similar USB pendrive MP3 player and it died immediately after I brought it onto US soil. Was a waste of $60 and didn’t have FM or voice-record features like this MSI one I now have. I gotta admit, the little thing sounds pretty dang good – and the volume goes loud enough so I can hear it over the lawn mower, which is one of the few times I use it. I know it’s no iPod at only 128MB, but hey – if it’s enough for the 1st four Led Zeppelin albums? who really needs anything more? For real though, it’s perfect for yardwork, running, hiking, camping, and any other short-term activity than can be enhanced with tunes. With a 2-4 album capacity at a decent bitrate, it works for me. Even if my albums run out, I could turn to that God-forsaken form of media-indoctrination they call FM radio? but of course that’d be this indie-diehard’s last option.

So hey, three paragraphs and nothing interesting yet – I’m back! Maybe I’ve finally shaken the shame of this terrible streak of writer’s block and settled for mediocre documentation of my daily crap. I’m gonna write about nothing and like it. For real though, I’d like to write something good again – the last thing that even came close was the Satan-flier thing? the coded-best-friend’s-sister-letters thing just didn’t really do it for me. Shit, am I all storied out? I got more right?

Been running roughly every other night, in a serious effort to try and lose some of my fat ass. That’s right, I want to lose some of me and never find it again. I’m talking like 80lbs of me? and that’s a lot. Anyway, every other night I lumber my hefty ass around the block a couple times to try and get the tortoise that is my metabolism to step it up a notch. I’ve been flirting with the whole “eating right” gig too, but been making slower progress on that aspect of it. I mean, my body has been in a slow state of atrophy for nigh on 15 years now? so it’s gonna be slow going. So, I’m really trying? maybe then I can get some friggin’ pants that fit or something. Being fat sucks, so I gotta work on it. Between working in the yard and running, maybe I can at least sweat out a pound or two. Wish me luck.

Well, it’s now officially Wednesday morning – and I have no idea what I’m still doing up. Listening to some 1967 Neil Young demos for the 2nd Buffalo Springfield album and writing. Because I feel bad about not writing something more awesomer, here’s a scanned in note I got from Sharaun in 1993. She’s talking about a mutual friend of ours, Heather – who would, ironically, later on become one of the “indiscretions” that led to our 9-month lost weekend. See, we really have been dating since high school? eerie. (The spelling errors were a running joke between us, man we were nerds).

Dave out.

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