barrier to entry

This evening I looked up how much the people who walk around Disneyland dressed in-character make per hour.

It’s a mite.  A pittance.

Not only that, but the “audition” process involves learning a small bit of choreography before you can move on to the improvisation scene.  If the peanuts for pay wasn’t a barrier to entry, the dancing likely would be.

Guides on the internet suggest taking an introductory dance class and working on your “flexibility” before auditioning.  Not the kind of “flexibility” I put on my resume, either; the literal kind which might’ve enabled me to touch my toes back in 7th grade.  Might’ve.

I don’t think a man could support a family as Goofy.

Guess I’ll continue the computer engineer gig for a while.


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2 Replies to “barrier to entry”

  1. Been there… seriously and done that. Even have the T-shirt from the summer of hell. Be grateful you passed it up.


    1. Wow. That is admirable (I think). We’ll have to talk about this over lunch. I imagine it (while hot and uncomfortable) to be somewhat “rewarding.” Perhaps I’m wrong 🙂

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