It’s 5am and we’re piling into a frozen rental car that’s parked in front of the RV. I went out a couple minutes early to start the engine and turn on the heat, it’s below freezing at the Indiana state park we pulled into yesterday.

I’m wearing light denim, a dark blue polo, and my charcoal sports coat with brown shoes and belt. I look a proper business commuter, if not for the somewhat shaggy beard. Neck and head freshly and neatly shaved, though.

Keaton and Sharaun are in pajamas, Keaton with her still-warm blanket wrapped around her. Cohen is fully dressed for the day, saying last night that he wanted to, “Get up at the same time you do Dad, and get dressed while it’s still dark. I like going to the airport when it’s dark.” They’ll keep the car while I’m gone.

There’s frost on the windshield and the heat fogged it up so I’m crouched down peeking out of the little clear spots where the defrost starts working first. Sharaun’s got a bag full of trash between her legs that she pulled from the RV as we were walking out, as the dumpster is unreasonably far from the campground and we can drop it off on our way out of the park.

We’re headed into Louisville, to the airport. Sharaun and the kids will drop me off and I’ll catch a flight into New Orleans where I’m meeting my brother-in-law and will attend an insurance industry conference with him and his CFO. I’ll be gone from the family for four days.

Insurance? Sure. He asked for some thoughts on doing technology related stuff and offered to fly me out. Leaving the family was a bummer, but I love my brother-in-law and New Orleans isn’t the pits.

I expect it to feel a bit odd, attending an industry conference for an industry I know nothing about, tagging along with company folks from a company I don’t work at, shaking hands and smiling and making connections that’ll end up going nowhere.

Until later then, love.

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