beasts of burden

Opted to make the last two days “tweeners,” purposely not moving to the next state park or waterfall or whatever and instead putting down stakes in a couple Walmart parking lots for a two nights.

Did this mostly to be able to burn rainy days in a populated area where we had non-RV indoor options during the day, but also so we could hit a church on the way out of town Sunday.

Walmart camping is never the best camping, but it’s free and I have to admit that convenient access to any food or ware under the sun is nice, not to mention they usually have cheap gas attached. It’s not quiet or picturesque but it feels safe enough. Plus, you don’t feel the generator shame you do in the quieter picturesque places.

Everytime we go in, though, I can’t help but imagine us as a livestock… crowding up to the trough where our feed has been heaped for us. Conditioned to come here and restore our energy so we can go do another day’s work and earn another day’s food. Trapped.


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