This trip is comprised of epochs.

First, there was the California section. Then the cross-country section. That was followed by the Florida section, which is itself a subset of the American South section, the section we’re still in.

I did not plan the trip this way. Instead the segments define themselves as it becomes obvious that we’re transitioning out of something into something else. Not only are the transitions very apparent once they begin showing themselves, but they’re typically accompanied, at least for me, with a growing anticipation, and thus desire, to move on to “the next thing.”

You’ll remember, perhaps, how I yearned to finally breach the borders of California and move into the Southwest. Or how I looked forward to getting to Florida for Christmas as we headed east.

Now, I’m ready to be out of “The South™.” It’s not that I’ve disliked our time here, or anything, after all it was the best place to be this time of year, it’s just that I can feel our time here growing to a close and I’m looking forward to new places and things.

As we move out of Tennessee, into Kentucky, and later onto the Mid-Atlantic and New England, I can feel the transition. I mean, Kentucky was ultimately a Union state, right?

Anyway, ready to be past the y’alls and cellphone holsters and sweet tea and Confederate flags and gas station five-for-one sales on cans of dip. Ready to go some places we’ve not been and see some stuff we’ve not seen.


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