smooth sailing

I love it when an RV travel day goes right.

If you stop for gas there are wide lanes, roomy curves, and open islands with fast pumps that have high, or no, cut-off limits. You get out for under $100 and are back on the road quickly without scraping the bike rack on a steep driveway exit.

The propane fill place is easy to find and someone tends to you right away. They don’t make you shut off all the appliances and have everyone get out of the car. They run the pump at speed and you get your fifteen or so gallons fast and efficient…

Maybe you make a Walmart run. Wait who am I kidding, you absolutely make a Walmart run. You split up and knock items of the shared-in-the-cloud shopping list, meeting at the front for check out. The kids help unload and put-away without getting in the way.

Google Maps doesn’t take you on some stupid-tight, low-clearance side street to help you save 2min travel time, and the route is cruise control friendly.

Yeah, kick back and roll. Love you.

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