the comeback

I’ll just do the thing.

Tense and stretch every muscle into armor. Mentally align each fiber into hammered steel. Down to the gut, balled tight like a fist. Wield a thick shield of witty stories and broad smiles and questions to get them talking about them. Not betraying the steely underneath, a relaxed and easy body language, take up space, swing, be limber. In speech it’s kind softness and passionate excitement with a tinge of childlike wonder optimism, designed to both endear and engender the desire to protect.

Yes, a defensive masterpiece.

On the offense it’s knowing what you need to know, saying the right things in the right tone at the right times. Body language radiating confidence, swaggering with a dragon’s tail, eyes reinforcing. Throw the right switches at the right moments: be serious, be funny, be caring – you’re getting it now. Do it all with obvious humility, be vulnerable, have things to learn and know everyone is better than you at something.

But the best bit, the real gravy, is that the defense does most of the work. They’re gonna love you and look out for you. And then you can go home and sink into to softness of family and it’ll all be worth it.

Until next time, peace.

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