first snow

Got our first snow of the trip today.

Was on the road getting here, not far from the campground, just before we got on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is next, and we’re expecting it to be wet as the forecast calls for rain well into next week.

We’re actually as far north now as we’ll be for a while. Next week we dip back south and head into northern Georgia. We’ll explore the Appalachian highlands for a little more than a week then head into Tennessee. I expect more rain, and more cold, but we’ll deal.

In addition to the first snowfall of the trip, we saw real mountains again today. Made me realize that we haven’t seen any appreciable heights since leaving the Guadalupes back in Texas, what feels like forever ago.

It feels good to see the land change. I was getting tired of the sandy soil of the south and it’s nice to see different trees, rivers, and roadways blasted from mountain rock.

It’s also good to be back in the RV after more than a week spent in houses. I’m ready to get back into the middle of some different nowheres, cloistered with the family, warm and dry in the wilderness.


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