Saint Valentine’s Day was nonstandard.

Walking around the neighborhood we met a couple who, from their driveway, made the bold, forward, and altogether lovely shouted offer of, “Hey, happy Valentine’s day! Y’all want to do some shots of tequila?” Why, yes, random people we don’t know, we absolutely want to do some shots of tequila. I mean, this is precisely what this trip is about.

Two generous red Solo cup shots (and a couple Newports pour moi) later, and I’m once again reflecting on just how many ways there are to get along in this world. I know I’ve said it before, but what you think is your narrow little path is a lie. So is the tenuous, “limited time only” nature of that narrow path. That’s also a lie. There are many, nay infinite, options, most of which you’ve never even imagined.

And while I’ve learned enough that I can say that, express the sentiment with words, I’m still working on being able to live it.


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