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FetusWatch 2006
One week to go! That’s one measly week, or seven even measlier days. Funny how havin’ babies makes you change the way you think about things. I was watching the Simpsons at lunch yesterday, and was aware for the first time that, in the opening theme, where Maggie’s sitting in her carseat turning a fake steering wheel, she’s doing so from the front seat. For a baby Maggie’s age, it’s a cardinal sin of modern parenting to ride in a front-facing carseat – let alone one in the front seat next to mom. See, that and my constant yelling a the local “whipersnappers” to “tone down their hootenanny” show me I’m already a geezer in training.

Heard about this new “Digital Wax” program via Coolfer, and was pretty excited. It’s an auspicious effort to digitize rare, out-of-print, and perhaps previously unreleased vinyl. I’m not too interested in the initial lineup of labels, seems kinda underground punk and hip-hop based – but if they every make it around to some of the stuff that was released in the 60s and never again after that, I’d turn my head. I guess it may be doubtful though, that any major/major-owned label with potentially marketable unreleased stuff would license it for the project when they could skip the middle-man and digitize/sell the stuff themselves. Either way, the audiophilia associated with the press release is certainly boner-inducing:

The system, almost eight months in the making, offers Orchard labels a digitization platform that is unrivalled and unlikely to be exceeded in the future. A modified Simon Yorke S7 turntable fitted with a Kondo IO-j cartridge feeds the esoteric, rare, expensive and exquisite Kondo M1000 preamplifier, via a Kondo KSL SFz step-up transformer. This signal is in turn converted via an audiophile A-D 2 channel converter, and archived in DSL. All wiring is Kondo age-annealed 99.9999% pure silver wire, and all components are isolated by Vibraplane active isolation platforms.

Falling asleep, goodnight.

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