it’ll bring hell

Tough mornings with the kids lately. It’s become hard to get them up, fed, cleaned, and readied for school before it’s near, or even after, 10am, and that just doesn’t hunt. It’s always a ln argument, without fail either or both is all but guaranteed to add a sour note to what starts as a nice quiet routine.

Today I got angry, told them we’re going to remind them how good they have it by moving to a “just like it’d be at home” style schedule for the next several days. Up at 6am, readied and breakfasted by 7:30am to head to school, no fun extra-curriculars until after 3pm, etc.

I think it’s a good idea, and am going to propose to Sharaun. It’ll bring hell from them, to be sure, but maybe it’ll help, also. It’s not that I’m wanting to “punish” them with the normal… I just want to free us from the spirit-sucking 9am-10am exercise of pushing a rock uphill, it’s become a turd right under our first bootfalls and that’s no fun.

I’ll let ya know. Hugs.

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