I brought my guitar on this big trip.

How could I not? I’ve had the thing for several years now, having gotten it for Christmas a ways back. I’ve always and forever wanted to learn how to play, but the guitar has simply hung in our living room, mostly unplayed (by me, at least), all these years.

Oh, a few times I tried. Went at it for days or even weeks trying to learn some chords or songs, but I just never put the time ot focus into it. Even brought the thing on our previous long-haul RV sojourn, lugging it around the continent but literally never taking it out of the closet where I stowed it.

Anyway I’m determined to do better this time, to practice every day I can for at least a few minutes. I’ve chosen Friend of the Devil as the first song I want to know how to play (in basic form, that is). Just a few relatively simple chords to master.

I think I’m doing OK. The chords came easy enough, and I’ve got little callouses building on my fingers. It’s the changes and keeping a decent strumming rhythm, one that’s different from the rhythm of the words I’m singing, that’s hard for me.

But I practice every day, and I’m enjoying it. The same song, over and over and over. Keaton asks me why I’m not trying anything different… but I really just want to be able to do something half-OK before I move on, and this seems a fine place to start.

I do enjoy the looks and waves I get from other campers as I sit outside and strum. I’m sure they think I can really play; that feels kinda nice. Maybe one day I won’t have to pretend.


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