good to be back

I really enjoyed our few days in Austin with friends for Thanksgiving.

The kids had playmates again and we hardly saw them at al during the four days there. Sharaun and I went out for dinner and coffee on a double-date with our hosts, leaving all the kids home. I had two cocktails and we picked up the bill to thank them for their hospitality.

Thanksgiving dinner was all the traditional sides but with medium-rare steaks instead of turkey. I didn’t mind the lack of bird, the red meat went well with the wine and, if I’m being honest, Thanksgiving for me has always been much more about the dressing and potatoes and beans than about the bird.

Also nice was four days in a real house. Big house; Sharaun and I had our own room and I took showers every morning like the water was in infinite supply. We watched TV, sat on the porch and looked at the trees changing color, carried on grown-up conversations with other adults, and had sex without broadcasting it to everyone in the house via shocks and struts.

Yeah, it really was enjoyable.

But you know what? I’m sitting here in the RV, in a space so cozy I’m inhaling what everyone else just exhaled, setup for a few nights in a state park near Houston, taking the last sips of a Highland nightcap… and, I am so glad to be back here.

I mean, today wasn’t even easy. First day back to school for the kids after having the Thanksgiving week off. Anything but easy.

But man, maaan, it is so good to be back.


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