knocking the dust off

After a nice break from writing while we eased into Florida, I just wanted to stop by and knock the dust off sounds familiar.

So far, our trip to the balmy South has been just as I’d imagined.  Even as we met our ride at the airport and I took those first few breaths of sticky, clean, Florida air – I knew it would be a good week.  And, what’s better,  I haven’t felt that driven to write (you may find yourself asking, “Gee, what’s new Dave?,” but in reply to that I would tell you sternly to “Shut your mouth, smartypants.”).  I figured, however, that I better log on and say something lest folks think our plane wound up in the drink and thought us lost forever.  (Not so.)

Last night we met up with my oldest and bestest friend for a couple beers and two regret-consuming-even-while-consuming cigarettes.  Was a good time, trading stories to bring each other up to date on current goings-on and asking after family and old friends.  We hope to meet up with more long-lost friends as our time winds on this week, and have put out feelers to try and make sure we can do so.  At our age, we can actually use the pretense of “getting the kids together” to catch up with folks we haven’t seen in years and years and years (do we need pretense?).

Well, already this whole blogging thing is bringing me down… feeling tied to writing and such.  So, I’m gonna cut it loose here and give these scant paragraphs to the world before signing off.  I’m pretty sure I’ll do it again tomorrow, as the lazy, gluttonous pace of the holiday usually makes for a good writing mood.

Until then I hope you got where you’re going and with who you’re gonna be with for tomorrow’s day of thanksgiving.  Take care internet.

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