I’m exhausted.

Yesterday evening we rolled into a gulf coast state park on the very border of Texas and Louisiana. It was dusk when we arrived and I went out to hook up the water and electricity. I had read some reviews of the park online and was glad that, while outside, I wasn’t swarmed with the mosquitoes so many folks seemed to have mentioned. There was a slight breeze and I didn’t see even one of the bloodsuckers.

Oh, but that was just their strategy; hide out for a bit. I would learn later that they were simply lying in wait, holding their cards, amassing the troops and closing in our flanks. We would soon be fully under siege.

Sometime around 8pm we noticed a few in the RV. Unsure where they came from, we double checked all the windows and vents before smacking them dead. By 9pm I knew we had a real problem, even with all the possible cracks stuffed with towels and all the appliance vents covered with Press-n-Seal they were still thick enough outside that they were finding ways inside we hadn’t blocked.

I stuffed more towels into more cracks, I turned off all the interior lights thinking maybe they were attracted to them and finding a way in. We tried to go to bed. Our try was unsuccessful.

They doubled their efforts. I donned a long sleeve shirt and covered myself entirely in a tent of sheets. We got up regularly to smack more dead, and their smashing grew bloodier as the night wore on and they feasted on us more.

Stupid Sea Rim State Park, you can have my other $20, we’re not staying here another night. Hardly slept at all, all bumpy with itchy bites.

FaceDragon out.

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