ten weeks in

Finally feeling appreciably disconnected, took longer than I’d guessed but officially arrived earlier this week as a perceptible shift in attitude and outlook.

And we are truly rambling now, deciding where to go each morning when we wake or choosing to stay put if the current digs pull harder. I’m convinced this new approach has a large part to play in the mental corner turned.

It’s time then, I suppose, to stop a moment and take stock. What epiphanies, if any, have I had? What mysteries of life now have greater clarity? I wanted to do this early on in the trip and evolve it as we go, to sort of watch how my impressions morph and develop.

I chose to keep things brief, not capture reams of revelations but rather simple bullets. Maybe that brevity makes these supposed truths less impactful, but it felt right and I need to get to the kernels before I can expand, anyway.

So here are the “truths” I’ve captured thus far:

  • I am living too fast
  • I have too much stuff
  • I eat poorly
  • I am too sedentary
  • I create my own stress
  • I choose how I live (thou mayest!)
  • I enjoy listening to people
  • I enjoy talking to people
  • I enjoy building relationships

That’s it; that’s the whole of it. Ten weeks of reading and writing consideration and the solitude of self-communion and that’s the meat, or maybe the grist.

I wanted to get it down, get it out, so that I can come back to it and revise, build, reverse.


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