everything’s weird

Waking up & walking out of the bedroom this morning, I sighed.  

“What’s wrong?,” Sharaun asked, still just sitting up in bed herself.  

“I don’t know…  Everything’s weird,” I said, walking over to giver her a hug.

“Yeah, it is.”

Everything is weird, y’all.  Our lives are in transition, and so is our stuff, and our house.  It may seem silly, but the absolute mess that causes gets to me.  I take comfort when where I live is neat and clean, and right now our house is anything but.  Boxes from our new tenants are everywhere, our stuff is everywhere as we sort, inventory, and dither, stuff for my upcoming John Muir hike is, you guessed it, everywhere.  

We are completely uprooting our lives and going on the road for a year, I’m not naive enough to think that transition won’t be messy – but that doesn’t mean the messiness can’t bother me. 

I’m not the best at transitions.  Right now I just want to be doing what’s next, to have already started the new routine.  The fact that I feel this way is one of the main things I look forward to adjusting this year.  I want to be more comfortable during transitions… I’ll definitely need the skill upon returning to work.


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