people have asked me…

… if I’ve abandoned the blog.

No; I want more than anything to write.  About Keaton’s first day of kindergarten; about how I’m working from 6am to 11pm on daily basis; about how we visited my brother and his wife for the first time since they moved to California.  So many things to write about but not a spare second.  Writing this in between answering email at 1035pm on a Monday.  Got home at 915pm.

I’ve not abandoned anything, I just need to re-fit this thing into my day and haven’t figured out just where to do that.  Maybe at lunch.  Maybe I need to do it early, before work.  Nights aren’t working.  Days are too busy and stifle thinking.  I just have to pick a new sweet-spot and get to work.

Aside from work, things have been rosy.  Having sex often enough, eating well, weather is nice, money in the bank.

Be back later.  Goodnight.

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