digging out

People… this week.

Work snowed me in.  I did a lot and put in extra hours to get it done and still came out behind in the end.  Mostly this is because I used about eleven hours of the week to sit down with my employees and talk about “professional development.”

These are those HR-sounding meetings where we talk about goals and expectations and measureables and deliverables.  I spend a lot of time preparing for the things, and then a lot of time actually doing them, and then a lot of time following-up afterward.  In short, they are a lot of work and on top of my regular a lot of work that means things pile up.

I’ll get back to right.  Use today and use some of the weekend and then next week we’ll be in Oregon and I’ll work until Thanksgiving and hopefully the slowness and deadness of the holiday week will allow me some catch-up.

Sorry for the sucky week.  Goodnight.

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