Days where you feel like you get no “wind-down” are the worst.

Where the callings of work end and the callings of the home begin and things don’t slow down until well after 9pm on the evening where your brain has to be “on” again for that 10pm meeting.  But it’s my 9pm now and I have an hour to wind down and write and listen to some music.  I chose the 1993 shoegaze anthem Souvlaki by Slowdive.  If you’ve not heard this album you’re really missing out (there are some songs on Grooveshark here).  Sometimes the sonic wash of bands like Slowdive or The Ecstasy of St. Theresa is just what the doctor ordered.

You people with three and four and five and more than five kids… you people amaze me.  Y’know when we had Keaton I wrote about (too lazy to look it up and link it) how I had to learn to be a lot less “selfish” upon her arrival.  Maybe four years was long enough for me to get ultimately settled into my more selfless, less me-time, routine… because with Cohen’s arrival I’m struggling again with time-slicing things to where I feel like I’m being a good daddy, a good husband, and have a spare minute here or there to listen to some music and write on the internet and read some websites (we’re talking weeknights here).  Maybe I’m thinking about things too discretely… or maybe I’m just as anal with my time as I am with everything else.

Lately I’ve been feeling like things just aren’t “settling down” at night.  Or, when they do, I’m too tired to eke more night out of what’s left.  I suppose this will pass as Cohen gets older and I get better at juggling and in general with time.  Or maybe not.  But man, you quiverfulls are to be admired.  Keep doing what you’re doing… someone has to.


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