Snap into a unilateral war!  Ooooh yeeeahh!!
Upgrading the TiVo was an awesome idea. Although, I hate talking about it because it makes me seem addicted to the teevee. While that’s not the case, there are some shows which I am now happier for being able to watch on demand. The Daily Show, for instance, is outstanding, and I never seem to catch it when it’s regularly on. Also, I like recording those sensationalist news-magazines like Dateline and Primetime Live, because sometimes they are awesome. Otherwise, I’d rather be on the computer.

Overcome by laziness and awash in a sea of apathy, I once again made less of my evening than I could have. I wanted to work on the witch, I need to mow the lawn, instead I chose to sit here and write. The grass is long, the witch is not done, and I’m only one lousy paragraph better to show for it. Now I’m sitting here falling asleep and watching the one where Barney is acting sheriff for eight hours and arrests the whole town, that Barney.

You know, I heard an amazing argument in favor of the war recently. The “those people have been allowed to be unchecked savages for too long, and we’re finally taking a stand and showing them we won’t tolerate it.” Whoa whoa, what? I mean, I’m paraphrasing there, but the basic argument is that “these people” (I assume we mean Muslims, or maybe even the slightly more racist, “dusky races of the sands”) are inherently savage and violent. What’s more, we Americans, God-fearing examples of truth and justice, are obligated to swoop in and change them. We have intelligent people in this country who can justify this war as some big “charm school” for the heathens of the Middle East. Rope them wilders, slap ’em on the knuckles with a ruler, and show them the error of their ways. Help them establish a real country where they go to a Baptist church every Sunday morning. Real, intelligent people think this. This, I don’t understand.

You wanna see something really disturbing, check out this website. The internet is gross, I wonder how representative it is of our collective thinking? I really don’t feel motivated, I’m outta here. Dave out.