east coast morning writing

Writing from the early morning east coast time, something ungodly early in the west coast analog.  It’s right around the middle of our trip and the first time I’ve sat down to do any kind of writing – this feels right for a vacation.

Cohen was wonderful on the flight out, and we’re hoping for a repeat performance on the return flight.  Since being here he’s rarely left the crook of some family member’s arm.  Keaton, too, gets spoiled at Ami’s house.  Between the pool and the beach and the constant attention it’s no wonder she loves going to Florida.  Earlier in the week Uncle Tyler took us for an alligator-watching tour on the St. John in his new boat and she liked that too – must have seen 30+ of the pre-historic looking beasts.

The rest of the week is looking tight; filled to the cracks with birthdays and dinners and visiting, not to mention the hope at some solid do-nothing time in between all that (a common lament of mine when we come).  I already know we won’t be able to do it all.

And with that, it’s back to figuring out the activities of the day.  Writing remains secondary, so the blog may fester for a few more days… but it’s worth it.

See ya.

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